Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Jun's New "Trick"

Jun, my little baby girl, joy of my life . . . why, oh WHY do you insist on standing on my DVD player? This behavior has become more and more frequent and I must inform you that it is UNACCEPTABLE.

What's that, you ask? How else are you supposed to get my attention? Well you could try any one of your other, potentially less destructive methods. Let's list them. Stepping on my toes. Jumping on me. Scratching me. Biting me. Chasing your tail. Running in circles. Barking in your crate. Jumping on the couch. Barking outside. Stealing things. Chewing things. Chewing on Lok. Fighting with Elo. Pacing back and forth between me and the door until I let you out 20 times a night. Peeing on the floor. Peeing in your crate. All of these and more have proven effective. Please, leave my electronics alone.

1 comment:

  1. You gotta get a picture of that! Lol! Oh my gosh!