Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Training in Real Life

It is always SO much fun to see your training pay off in real life! Last night, about 1:00am I was still up, busy working on some stuff, ignoring the dogs. Elo had to go out and I was ignoring him. Finally I finished what I was doing and went to let the dogs out one last time before bed. We got the entry way and I saw a puddle where Elo had peed. Totally my fault, but I didn't want any of the dogs to step in it and track it all over as I was cleaning it up.

We had previously worked a couple times on an "out of the kitchen" command, basically boundary work, teaching the dogs to stay in the living room and not cross the threshhold to the kitchen, which borders the entry way. Rather than fend the dogs off while I cleaned up, I decided to give the command a try, and it was a success!! The dogs stayed in the living room (with periodic treats), I cleaned up, nobody tried to cross the threshhold, and it was a happy night!

Ah, little victories!


  1. Yeah! That's awesome!
    I still struggle with the kitchen threshold thing. I would rather let them potty in the backyard, but as you saw, to get to my back door you have to go through the kitchen. So they are sometimes allowed into the kitchen.
    If I say 'out' and point, they will usually stand 'on' the threshold. Lol!
    Good stuff, T! Little victories really are the best!

  2. yay! i would say my boundary command is one cue that I use ALL the time with my dogs, at work and at home. It's one of the first commands I teach my dogs.

  3. Hiya, just saw this whistling frisbee in a halfords today and thought of your Lok - worth a try maybe?