Friday, April 23, 2010

Stay is Boring . . .

. . . for me and for the dogs, I suspect. But at least they get treats periodically while I just kind of wander aimlessly or stand and do nothing while they're staying. So last night I did a long group down-stay while I made and ate a root beer float. It was much more enjoyable for all of us. Well, ok, for me at least, except for all the times naughty Jun got up and I had to put down my root beer float and put her back in position. But Lok and Elo didn't move. I was walking around, I ducked out of sight for periods. It was cool!

I think a dog that will stay in place when told is the coolest thing ever, even if it is boring to teach! I'm trying to work on it more often, in more places, with more distractions.


  1. I hate stays. Especially with lance's stress issues at trials on the long group stays I hate it even more. My random stay plan sucked since I wasn't motivated enough to do it!

  2. Perhaps some root beer float reinforcement for you is in order?