Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Stuff and Nonsense

This is the most boring blog entry ever. If anybody is bothering to read this (and I don't know why anybody would), let me just sum it up: Elo: working on not being an asshole in public, doing a little better, also learning frisbee (sort of). Jun: working on a bunch of stupid random stuff. Lok: maybe better on prozac, maybe not. All 3: Road trip soon, outlook grim. Damn, even the summary is boring. I should just delete the rest, but since I already typed it out, I guess I'll go ahead and post it.

Well, I've been keeping up with my training plans pretty well lately. I've been working with Elo regularly on desensitizing him to everything, which I've found basically translates to working on calm and focus in a variety of different places, as well as desensitizing specifically to different triggers. We've probably been out five or six times since my last post, working on quiet neighborhood streets or empty parks. Even empty parks are a big challenge for Elo. Planes flying overhead are enough to set him off, but he is getting better little by little about focusing on me and not being a little spaz. As long as I am clicking and treating regularly. We are also working on loose leash walking, which he is doing nicely with. He's doing better about cars from a long distance. We're working LAT and the other night were probably within 50 yards of cars going by on a road and his eyes were glued to mine, just giving little LAT glances at the cars. Dogs are still a BIG problem. I can't get him under threshhold, no matter how far away we are he reacts. And even out of sight of the other dog, barking will set him off. Elo is also working on drive building with frisbee and that is looking kind of promising!

Jun has been working on random retrieving fun and useful tricks, like loading the dishwasher and fetching things from the fridge. I've also started trying to work a handstand with her. I think she's too much of a clutz to do it, but we're trying. Just random stuff to keep her brain occupied. Frisbee is her main job right now.

Lok's prozac seems to be working. Sort of. Sometimes. The main difference I've seen is that he is calmer when I am home, usually chilling in a back bedroom v. obsessing over Elo, which is nice. Storm phobia doesn't seem to have gotten any better. Separation anxiety seems to be a little better. And he is walking out the door better and responding to recall away from toys better. At least sometimes. Last night/this morning we had all of these issues. It's so hard to tell whether it's better or I'm imagining it.

In 8 days all three dogs will be coming with me to Colorado for a competition. Lok and Jun are good at traveling. Elo has traveled with me once and is a bit harder to manage. It should be interesting!


  1. Hey, I enjoy reading your blog. What you have managed to do with these 3 dogs is beyond what most people can do with their hearing, seeing, and 4 legged dogs.
    And I like that you go into detail about it, because sometimes I see little similarities with something I'm working on and its helped!
    Yeah, I'm nervous about bringing Kirby to CO too. He is a guard barker big time and goes off about any little noise. So hotel room doors slamming all day and night and kids stampeding back and forth down the hall could make it interesting. Lol! Oh man, and if he hears another dog barking from another room? Forget it!

  2. Can we see a trick video of Jun?! I would love to see her loading the dishwasher!

    And congrats with Elo. all that ds/cc work is such a pain in the butt and takes forever. Have you had any more reactions to the windshield wiper?

    So sorry about Loc. At least it seems like he's doing better now compared to your last posts.

  3. I need to do trick vids of all my dogs! Maybe someday I'll get it together. I just sent you a friend request on FB though, and there is a pic on my wall of what she offered me when I tried to shape her to push in the rack on the dishwasher! Cute!

    Elo's been really good with the windshield wipers. I think that is pretty much taken care of, though sometimes it seems like it takes all his restraint to not react. One trigger down, sixteen million to go.

    Lok is doing better most of the time, I think. A couple days this week have been iffy, but overall, he seems much less tightly wound and anxious.