Wednesday, December 22, 2010


My dogs are not allowed on the couch.

They also do not sleep on the bed.

They wouldn't dream of getting up on the other furniture.

They have their own beds to use, and they are perfectly content to do so.


  1. Oh no! ROFLOL! What happened? Did Lok do that?

  2. Yes, that is Lok's doing. He has frustration issues and takes them out on dog beds. His first bed lasted quite awhile (a couple years?) then Elo peed on it and I had to throw it away. Since then, every bed I've gotten has lasted less than a week, with the shortest time being less than an hour before it either gets ripped up or peed on (or seized on, resulting in it getting peed on). Even when I am being very, very careful to watch and guard it. I do have one now that has lasted a few weeks, but it has a giant hole in it and half the stuffing pulled out. Lok's working on it little by little.