Tuesday, August 11, 2009

CCC '09 Recap

I can't even describe the awesomeness of this weekend! I LOVE my MNDDC!! We have such a great club, great sportsmanship, great bond, and just really awesome people. It was so cool to have so much support stepping out on the field. The dogs did GREAT!! I was so proud of both of them. Saturday, Jun did well in freestyle. We don't have any routine to speak of, so I mostly just threw a bunch of backhands for her, but she stayed with me and only blew off ONE disc in the whole two minutes!! I considered that a victory for us! Jun also did toss and catch, and I actually threw pretty well. We got 6.5 points. Lok was soooo cute on the field! He had a great time and just played his heart out! The sun was too bright for him and he only caught a few discs out of the 30 or so I threw for him. But we both had a great time playing!

On Sunday, I entered my first Quad (long distance) with Jun. The women's division was three heats of maybe 8 (?) people each. In the first round, it was reduced to 3 people, then 2, then the winner of the heat advanced to the finals. I was amazed when I made it to the second round of our heat. Then I was really incredulous when I made it to the final round of our heat. Then I was still in the game until the very last throw of our heat, when our 36 yard catch got beat by a 42 yard catch and I was eliminated. But, damn, I never expected to do so well at all! I realize it was a lot of luck, since most of those women could throw a lot better and further than me, but it was still pretty cool!

So, yep, we had a really awesome weekend competing and just hanging out with a bunch of great people and cool dogs! We can't wait to do it again next year!

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  1. Wow, that's great! It sounds like Jun is really comming along nicely and that everyone had fun