Thursday, August 13, 2009

Playing with a sighted dog

I was playing with Jun last night and working on some new stuff . . . I have to say it is amazing how much faster this stuff comes with a dog that can see than with a blind dog!! Wow! I've actually been dreading a little bit trying to do some different stuff with her. Last year, with Lok, I would work for ages and ages on a new throw or trick or sequence and it might come together if my timing and disc placement were absolutely perfect. Some things we were just never able to get. Which was frustrating at the time, because of course I blamed it on myself and how bad I sucked, not realizing I was playing with a blind dog. And what's more, the more we worked, the worse we got!! It was . . . rather disheartening. Then, when I found out he was blind, it was easier to try to work within his limitations and do things he should reasonably be able to do. But even still, it took a lot of work before things would come together.

So, I think that frustration was one of the main reasons I've been slow to start really working with Jun. Also, I've kind of focused on Lok this year because it's his last. And I've been working with Jun on foundational stuff, like switching discs. But after the CCC, I realized that I can't put it off any longer. She's ready. Lok's about done. So last night, I bit the bullet and started trying some different things. And it was easy!! Not automatic, we have work to do, but it certainly was nowhere near the exercise in futility that work with Lok has been. And it was fun!! Not that playing with Lok wasn't fun. But I can see a little glimpse of Jun's potential. She will be able to do all the things I never could do with Lok. And . . . it's really exciting!!

Crazy how much of a difference it makes when your dog's eyes work properly!

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  1. YES!!! This is awesome, T! Jun is already awesome. After some more work, you ladies will be a phenominal team! I can't wait to see the outcome of this new motivation!