Monday, May 4, 2009


Lok has been in flyball for about 8 weeks or so. He adores it! But last time, he knocked over two jumps--like, ran into the jump standards at full speed and sent them flying. Not good. :( I may have to take him out of it. We'll see how he does next week.

Jun is finally back to where she was three weeks ago in flyball. She regressed for a bit and started trying to play fetch with the box loader (or anybody standing on the sidelines) again. Last time, she was back to business, running the full course again! Good dog!

This week Jun starts level 3 obedience. I'm going to work Lok for 15 minutes or so and then Jun will get the rest of the class. I'm finding that the more I challenge her, the more she stays focused in class. When she gets bored, she goofs off. She's is doing excellent with her heelwork! Pivots both ways, sidepasses, backs up in heel position! She is so much fun to work with!

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