Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Random Jun Stuff

I really thought when I started this blog that I would have more to write. Apparently I was wrong. So since I haven't posted for awhile, here are some random things Jun does that are funny, annoying or both:

1. Scratching corners. Apparently she finds this thoroughly entertaining, especially if she injures me in the process. Our most challenging time of day is the hour in the morning when I am trying to get ready for work and not directly entertaining her, so most of the things on this list are things she has made up to entertain herself during that time. This particular game involves laying down with her face in the corner that is made up of the bathtub and the vanity and sniffing intently, as if there is some particularly desirable treasure hidden in the crack (which there is not) then scratching frantically with alternating paws. Generally, this involves scratching my bare feet/legs as I stand at the sink. All the better to her, as that gets a reaction out of me faster. I got sick of this and now laying down with her nose in the corner is grounds for immediate expulsion from the bathroom.

2. Opportunistic fetch. Tuesdays suck for the dogs. I am gone for 10 hours at work, home for 45 minutes (during which they get to play for maybe 20 minutes) and then back to work for 5 hours, getting home about 10pm. I force myself to stay up until midnight to play with them, but last night I HAD to clean my house, so I gave them each a ball and set about with cleaning. If I am not directly involved in playing ball, Jun knows exactly where to put the ball so that I will either accidentally kick it as I am walking, bump it with the vacuum, push it out of the way of where I am washing the floor, etc. If all else fails, she'll drop it on top of my foot so it will bounce and roll or just throw it for herself. Yes, she is quite ingenuis about her fetching. Lok on the other hand will just lay down and squeak his ball if I make it clear that I am busy and not going to be throwing it. My two dogs are such night and day opposites!

3. Spinning. Jun likes to spin/chase her tail. I used to think it was OCD. However, I now know that she just does it to get attention, because she NEVER does it when she is alone, only when I am in the room. The closer to my legs, the better. The more she steps on my bare feet with sharp nails (because she won't sit still long enough to let me clip them--yes, we are working on it) the better. She has even been known to spin around my legs with her tail in her mouth.

4. Squeezing into small spaces. Jun likes to be squished. If I am standing close to an object, you can bet that she will be between me and that object. The tighter the squeeze, the better.

5. Sniffing the garbage. Jun does not actually raid the garbage. Actually, I think she did once--for an empty can of dog food that I had thrown away! But I can have leftover meat, cheese, all manner of smelly, tasty things in the garbage and she doesn't touch it! Not even if she is home alone and loose! She does however, enjoy sniffing it. She will walk over, bump up the lid with her nose, sniff for a minute, and walk away. Strange, strange dog.

6. Stealing paper bags. Every once in awhile, in the morning, when I am not entertaining her, Jun will go and ever so daintily grab a brown paper bag from the place they are kept next to the garbage, and then bring it to the living room and have a blast ripping it up! Being the good dog owner/trainer that I am, I NEVER let her get away with this. After all, it could lead to stealing and chewing up other random paper objects that I don't want destroyed! Therefore, I always take the bag away, make her sit, THEN give it back to her and let her rip it up. LOL!

7. Getting kicked in the head. Jun likes to get kicked in the head. She considers it "petting." BF will be sitting on the couch, feet on the ottoman, moving his foot back and forth, and Jun will come up and put her head right next to his foot so she is getting repeatedly kicked in the head. She enjoys this. Really.

8. Conversations with her tail. Yes, she has them. She will lay on the ground, staring at her tail and waiting for it to move, "talking" at it all the while. Then when it does move, she snatches it and goes sommersaulting around the floor with it in her mouth.

9. Jealousy. The dogs aren't allowed on the couch (except for front paws only when invited so it's easier to pet them). Jun was getting obnoxious so I stuck her in her crate in the living room, then invited Lok up on the couch. She saw that, sat bolt upright, and I swear the intonation of the bark she gave sounded just like a whiny kid saying "What! Not fair!"

10. Inconvenient potty schedule. Every time I sit down at the table or on the couch--EVERY TIME--she runs to the door needing to go out. Every. Time. Without fail.

11. The "help, it's stuck!" Game. Toy are put away unless I'm playing with the dogs, but rawhides are always out. Several times a night, especially if I am trying to just sit and watch TV, Jun will either drop her rawhide in the crack between the couch and ottoman or push it under the couch, then sit and scratch at the couch until I relent and retreive it for her. Then she will do it again, but she will try to be sneaky about it. She'll put it on the edge of the ottoman and nudge it so it moves a little, then she'll nudge it again, and again, until it falls into the crack. Then she'll give me a look as if to say, "honest, I had NO IDEA that would happen!"

That's enough for now. More Jun-isms to come another day.

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