Monday, July 20, 2009

Hastings '09 and a V-Collar

Saturday was our Hastings comp with MNDDC. It was an awesome day, full of fun with great people, great dogs, and great disc action. It was an MNDDC-format comp, so our toss and catch game was Catch 22 and our freestyle was 2 minutes. I was pretty happy with how Jun did. I didn't throw very well in C22, but we got two 3-point catches our first round. The second round, I wasn't putting enough spin on the disc and the wind was pushing it down, but against the wind we got a couple of 1-point catches. Lok got two 1-point catches in his first round and made the top 10 cutoff, due to taking the 2-point fastest time bonus! (Not hard to do, when his catches are about 3 feet from me!) He didn't catch anything his second round, but probably got the time bonus again. I'm not sure where he finished up, but I'll update when results are posted.

Jun did a pretty good job in FS. Her first round she started off not catching anything, then took a nature break and was good to go! She wasn't sticking on discs much, and for a 2-minute routine, that was really good for her! There were a couple times when she blew off throws, but I sent her back for them. I don't care if we're on the comp field or not--she is NOT getting away with blowing off discs. I have no problems with training on the field, and I really don't care how it affects our score. Jun needs 100% consistency in the rules, or she will never improve. Other than that, our routine was mostly backhands back and forth, an around the world, a couple fake flip-catches, and a back over. She doesn't really have many "moves" yet, since we're still building up the basics. Last night, for example we worked on stopping in front of me on the return, instead of circling around me. It's hard for her.

Lok, what can I say about my perfect boy! He finished third place in pro freestyle!!! And no, it wasn't third out of three! Granted, not all of the club's top talent was at the comp, but he beat out 5 or 6 dogs with perfect eyesight, finishing right behind Melissa LaMere and Tag and Brian Bruzek and Rocket. Our first round went really well! He was making catches, we were connecting, it was great. I knew going into our second round that we were in third place, and was hoping to hold onto it, but I was sure we lost it after our poor second round. But luckily for us (or unluckily for others, however you want to look at it) we weren't the only ones who screwed up the second round, and we ended up holding onto third!! It's the first time we've placed in freestyle. I was so proud of my boy, and almost cried as we went up to accept our medal. It was a pretty special moment for us. Well, for me. Lok just wanted me to stop hugging him, I'm sure. After the comp a lady who has a similar condition to what Lok has and is losing her vision came up and introduced herself to us. I think maybe it was a little bit encouraging to her to see what he was accomplishing. It was a good day!

In other news, Jun's vibrating collar came in the mail and I've just started working with it a little bit. In the house, it's hard to work on, because if she knows I have treats there is no way she's letting me out of her sight. So we worked on it outside for a bit. It was really cool to see my deaf dog walk away from me, but then turn back to me when she felt the vibration! My deaf dog has the beginnings of a recall! Wonders never cease!


  1. You guys did so awesome!! They are both such beautiful dogs that I couldn't even take my eyes off them!
    Good luck with the collar!! That's great that she's already checking back with you after the vibration!!!

  2. Congratulations on the great performances! I really would like to do disc with Vito but there is just so much I want to do I'm always making excuses to work on something else.