Tuesday, July 28, 2009


More funny, obnoxious, quirky, Jun . . .

1. Every day, at breakfast and dinner time, while I am standing at the food cupboard scooping kibble into bowls, Jun puts both her front feet on my foot and stretches, flexing her long, sharp claws as far as she can. Every. Day. I used to think it was just coincidence that her feet were on my foot, but then one day when she was stretching, she noticed that she had forgotten to put her feet on my foot and moved them there just in time to dig her claws in.

2. When Jun thinks something is taking too long, she stomps her foot like an impatient toddler. It's especially funny/not funny when we are working on stays. On the one hand, it demonstrates that she knows what stay means and she thinks she has proven that and wants to be released. On the other hand, it's kinda bratty. But it always cracks me up anyway.

3. At some point every morning, when Jun is laying down and being very good--and most of the time she is half asleep--she will suddenly jump up, run and jump on the couch (where she is not supposed to be) and look out the window, barking. It's obviously not a sound that sets her off. And most of the time when I go to see what she's going ballistic about, there is nothing there. I have yet to figure out why she does this, but I suspect her reasoning is something along the lines of "wow it's boring just laying here . . . I know, I'll get up and run around and bark for no reason!"

4. Oh yeah, and speaking of acting like a stubborn toddler, when Jun doesn't want to do something, like go in her crate, she has a tendency to lay down on her side and make herself completely limp. Then I have to go pick her up off the ground to get her to move, and she stays completely limp, knowing that makes it harder to move her.

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