Monday, July 27, 2009

Rally Run-Throughs With Jun

Last night Jun and I went to Rally run-throughs at a different obedience club. If last night is any indication, next Saturday's competition is going be a collassal rally-FAIL! She was doing really great outside the ring. I had her attention, we were doing some heeling and basic obedience stuff and she was doing a great job! Then we stepped into the ring and it was like we had landed on another planet. Once again, she had to sniff all the signs, the floor, the wall, the cones, the mirror had to be inspected. I barely got her attention the whole way through. The second run was better, but when I got lost on the spiral, forgetting how many times I had spiraled in my elation over the fact that my dog was actually paying attention, I lost her as well. So, next Saturday will be interesting to say the least, but oh well, it's the experience that counts right?

On the other hand, there were three little kids at the run-through, running around uncontrolled, within a foot of my kid-reactive dog, and Jun didn't react ONCE!! She regarded them a little suspiciously, but there was not so much as a lip-curl! So I will consider that the major win of the night!


  1. Yeah Jun! Way to go with the kid thing!
    As for the rally... Does she have to sniff things to better figure out what they are? It's supposed to be eyes, ears then nose right? So without the ears she maybe has to skip right to nose?

  2. No, she just gets distracted like any young dog. The big full-length wall mirror was new to her I think. A couple times she's seen me in my bedroom mirror, done a double-take, turned around to the real me, then started barking at the mirror-me with her scruff up. She's just wierd. Just Jun.

  3. Oh Jun! I've struggled a lot with Lance's attention in the ring. He was always the perfect dog at practice but struggled horrendously in the ring and each new show got worse and worse. What finally helped us was doing very short sequences in the ring, like half a heel pattern at novice run through and then rushing out to get some canned cat food! It's also helped for me to practice heeling while holding my breath to immitate how I likely act when I'm in a trial. I don't know that it will help you and Jun but I know that you will find your answer someday!

    Good luck on the trial this weekend!

  4. Thanks! Yeah, with Lok, he has always just done whatever I ask wherever we are. I've been trying to practice in different places too, like Petsmart, but it's hard to find the time. Seems like once I get her attention, I can keep it, for the most part. It's getting it, in a new place, that's tough. Especially since I don't have the benefit of calling her name. If only we could do a couple warm-up heeling circles in the ring before our run!

  5. oh gosh yes! It would be so nice to be able to "practice" in the ring before we had to go. Even if they didn't allow treats it would still help so much!