Thursday, July 9, 2009

Life is Not Fair

After Lok was diagnosed with PRA in December of 2008, I cried for two days straight. I spent two whole days on the internet researching ways to help him out. I read every blind dog resource on the internet multiple times. I read countless websites confirming what the vet said--that there is no cure and my dog will go blind.

After that, I've been mostly at peace with it. But sometimes it gets to me and last night it struck me how unfair life is.

Frisbee is Lok's life. It is his heart and soul. And that's getting taken away from him, little by little. Jun on the other hand, loves frisbee, but in a much different way. Jun is a workaholic and loves anything and everything that is work for her. But it's not a deep, from the bottom of her soul love. It's more of an addiction. A compulsion. Her mind tells her to work, so she works because she has to. And frisbee is just one outlet for her compulsion. If she could never play frisbee again she wouldn't be bothered--any kind of fetch will do. Fetch isn't even a requirement . . . anything that allows her to use her brain will do.

But Lok--When Lok came home he was shy and withdrawn from the world. He didn't really have any use for people. He didn't really seem to know how to play or want to play. He had no interest in toys. Any type of pressure caused him to shut down. That is--until I brought home a frisbee. The frisbee turned him into the dog he is today. The frisbee turned him into a happy . . . no, more than that--a joyful dog! A dog that loves people, because they are the throwers of that magic piece of plastic. A dog that loves to learn and work for a chance to chase the frisbee. You can see it in his eyes--the passion, the joyful anticipation. Never is he more content than after a good frisbee session. He LIVES for the disc.

Not fair. Not fair at all.


  1. I really love that photo...
    I am sorry you are feeling sad about Lok. He's such a fabulous dog.
    You can definately see and feel the joy vibrating from him when he is playing frisbee. But he can live a happy life. He doesn't ever have to stop playing disc. Maybe he won't be able to catch it or chase it some day, but it doesnt have to vacate his life.
    With technology like it is these days, there has to be a way you can train him using sound, isn't there? Just like you are training Jun using only sight? Maybe some sort of sound emitting frisbee? A sound that is only used with the disc so he knows the difference? And if not, then maybe it's your destiny to invent one!
    You're a smart girl, T. And your dogs are amazing, which makes you amazing.
    I have faith in you!

  2. It's one of my favorite pictures of Lok!

    Thanks Em! I know Lok will be fine. You know, like I said, 99% of the time I'm at peace with everything. But then once in awhile, it just hits me how totally unfair and wrong it is. Not that life is fair obviously, but Lok doesn't deserve it. He's my good dog!

  3. I agree. It's not fair.
    But again, maybe there is a reason?
    I'd honestly like to hear your take on sound frisbee. Is it even a possibility? I think that would be SO COOL!

  4. Well, there is one on the market right now called the "Whisbee" cause it whistles, but it's not even shaped like a frisbee at all and it's hard plastic. It might be possible to find some type of small round flat thing that makes noise that you could stick on the bottom of a frisbee, but even so I'm not sure how precisely he would be able to pinpoint it. Maybe with practice . . . I don't know. So far, I haven't found a suitable noisemaker. I put my electrician BF to the task, but he hasn't really taken it seriously.

  5. Sometimes them redheads need a swift kick in the rear to get them moving... Lol! I know from experience with my own redhead!
    I think with enough practice he would eventually learn the distance of the disc and speed and such based on the sound. It would take a lot of practice and patience though.
    Oh I hope something can be figured out! He's such a rockin disc dog!